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On November 12, 2021, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Khon Kaen University has hosted an international academic conference. The 4th International Conference on Language and Culture in The 21st Century: Interdisciplinary Research an academic also cooperation with Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Prince of Songkla University Pattani Campus and Pattimura University Language Center, Indonesia.honored by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Orathai Piayura, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Khon Kaen University .The chairman welcomed the participants along with Prof. Dr.Kantaphong Chitkla, Acting Director of the Language Center. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HUSO Language Center),He was delivered a report and led the management, faculty and participants to the event. The event was held at Smart Classroom, 4th floor, Zone A, Rattanapittaya Building. Via Zoom Online.

The purpose of this international academic conference ; to disseminate interdisciplinary research in language and culture. This is the method of research in the 21st century and to provide an opportunity for professors, academics and students to present and exchange research findings in language and culture on a range of topics, including language analysis; language learning and teaching language acquisition Literature Studies Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

The activities were divided into 2 periods. The first was honored by academics with expertise in language and culture. Special Lecture on Education and Policy on Language and Culture, namely Professor Emeritus Dr. Suwilai Premsrirat , Director of the Center for Language and Cultural Rehabilitation in Crisis Asian Language and Culture Research Institute Mahidol University has lecture on the topic “Global Concerns and Research Trends on Language and Culture in the 21st Century” .and then Mr. Heppy L.Lelapary, Head of Indonesian Language Department, University of Pattimura also lecture on the topic “Similarities in Using Indonesian and Foreign Languages for Global Communication” Next there are the presentation of the research results. The issues presented includeLanguage Teaching, Language Learning, Language and Communication, Language and Culture, Literary Studies and Translation Studies. Researchers, academics, faculty members and students who participated in addition to presenting research results and articles also creates academic works and has a platform for disseminating interdisciplinary research in language and culture. They can also create a network of academic works and exchange ideas which will lead to further development of research in language and culture.

News: Husoinfo KKU / HUSOLC

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