📰 : HUSOLC meets to discuss academic cooperation with Khon Kaen Railway Station Master

On November 15, 2021

Prof. Dr.Kantaphong ChitklaActing Director of Language Center, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
(HUSOLC) Khonkean University ,He went to meet Mr. Sakrin Saeng-arun, the train station master of Khon Kaen To publicize the implementation of language academic services of the Language Center Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and also discuss about academic cooperation with Khon Kaen Railway Station in organizing a language training project on rail systems for personnel at Khon Kaen Railway Station including public transport operators under the supervision of Khon Kaen Railway Station.The main purpose is ; support and encourage personnel to develop language skills in railway working and providing railway tourism services in Khon Kaen Province and the train route between China – Laos – Thailand that will be open for service in the future.

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